Three simple tips on how to start your own business

Jan 18, 2022 | Blog

Three simple tips on how to start your own business

Jan 18, 2022 | Blog

(Three Minute Read)

2022 – it’s a brand new year just sparkling with possibilities. Perhaps this will be the year you follow your dream to start your own business, create a brand, and be your own boss?

Here at the One Magazine, we know a thing or two about starting your own business and how to support other small businesses. Our brand began life in 2005 in the shed come office of our founder as a local advertising magazine in Exmouth, Devon, before growing to include six titles that now reach over 120,000 homes directly across Exeter, Exmouth, East Devon, Mid Devon, and Newton Abbot. How have we achieved that? Here’s our top three tips on how to start your own business.

  1. Know your customer. We understand local, small businesses because we are one, which means we understand the needs of the businesses that advertise with us. A large proportion of our advertisers are the trades – electricians, plumbers, builders, carpet cleaners, painters and decorators – who are all hyper local to the areas they advertise in. Think about who your potential customers are and what their needs are – how can you tailor your product to suit them? See point two…
  2. Create a brand identity. We have a strong, wholesome ethos in the magazine and create interesting, informative, and locally engaging content that means readers read issue after issue, keeping it on their coffee tables and on hand for when they need to use a local business or service. When you need a local trader, who you gonna call? Someone in the One Magazine! When you want to know what’s on in your area, where do you look? The One Magazine! You get the idea – live and breathe your specialist subject and show your audience that you do with a strong brand identity and ethos that’s appealing to your customers.
  3. Be great at what you do. Who better to understand advertising, the needs of a local business, and the local area, than a local advertising company? Think about your USP and use it to both your advantage and that of your customers.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your own business, and need some help with advertising to get it off the ground, give the team at One Magazine a call – we understand your needs, how to get your advert in front of those who need to see it, and can help make your business dreams come true in 2022. Drop us a note in the comments!

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