Three easy ways to shop local and support local Devon businesses

Apr 20, 2022 | Blog

Three easy ways to shop local and support local Devon businesses

Apr 20, 2022 | Blog

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We are all about keeping things local at the One Magazine; supporting local businesses in Exeter, Exmouth, East Devon, Mid Devon, and Newton Abbot is at the heart of everything we do. So here are our top three ways that you can #supportlocal too and help the local businesses in your area to thrive.

1. Mention if you’ve seen their advert

For a local business, advertising somewhere like the One Magazine has multiple benefits. Sure, it attracts customers and brings in prospective business, but it also increases visibility and brand recognition. Letting your local window cleaner/trader/restaurant know that you saw their advert, even if you aren’t using their services at this time, is a real boost for morale and lets them know that their advertising plan is working. Even if you’re not actually spending any cash with them right now, just knowing that you know their name and brand will be a real win and is an easy way for you to support local.

2. Shout them out on socials

Most people who use social media are members of some kind of local community group, and one of the best uses for a platform like that is shouting out local businesses you’ve used and appreciated – although it can’t be denied, those groups are also great for locating lost pets and misdelivered parcels! Giving a business an online review can be life changing – we know of one sole trader who received a positive review on an online forum that resulted in him booking two years of work, two years! Never underestimate the power you have as a consumer to support local in this way; every like, comment, or share counts. And if you use someone you’ve seen in the One Mag, tag us in on socials and we’ll shout them out too!

3. Shop local

Perhaps the most obvious way to support local is to shop there, but the simple ways you can do that are maybe not so obvious. Instead of visiting your usual big chain coffee shop, why not try out a local deli or independently run café for your caffeine hit? How about swapping supermarket veg for shopping at a local farm shop or grocer? Many will even deliver goods such as free range eggs direct to your door. Local pet shops will often deliver free of charge within a postcode radius of their shop, some on the same day, meaning buying your Pedigree Chum with them instead of from Amazon, goes a long way to supporting the businesses that are striving to serve their local communities. Being conscious of ways to shop local all contributes to supporting local and will give you a warm fuzzy glow to boot.

Who are your favourite local businesses to support? Let us know in the comments!

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