Three big reasons why you should consider local print advertising

Feb 2, 2022 | Blog

Three big reasons why you should consider local print advertising

Feb 2, 2022 | Blog

(Four Minute Read)

Every day we are bombarded by digital adverts – there are millions of social media posts, thousands of websites, but only one letterbox to your home. Here are three reasons why print advertising really cuts through that noise, gets to where you want it to go, and WORKS.

  1. Keep it local local local. Got a local business? Want local people to use your business? Placing an advert in a local publication with a strong local focus will reinforce the message that your business is, you guessed it, local. The One Magazine is published via six local editions, each carefully tailored to the area they are distributed in so that businesses can specifically target customers in their locality. Readers enjoy community focused, locally based content, surrounded by ads from local businesses. It’s a winning formula.
  2. Credibility and repetition are key. When your advert is in a publication that people know and love, it reinforces that you are serious enough about your business to invest resources into letting people know about your worthwhile product or service. Bear in mind too that not everyone is tech savvy so may not have access to digital ways of contacting you. So, when they see your advert in the One Mag month after month, your message is strengthened, as is your credibility as a business they might use.
  3. Stick around for longer. Rather than a flyer, which has a high probability of ending up in the recycling bin before its even looked at, printed publications hang around on coffee tables and in hallways until people have had a chance to read them, often multiple times, thanks to great content that is referred back to throughout the month. Walks, What’s On listings, recipes, puzzles, interviews, home advice, and community stories all keep these types of mags around. This means your ad has an even greater chance of being seen, read, and retained by the reader – meaning your precious pounds go further and your advert works harder for you. We loved this observation from one of our customers “I find that just about every house I go into, if I see the phone table there will be a holder with a couple of pens and things and the One Magazine! It’s just the right size to sit by the phone for future reference.” Kevin Shilston, Landscape Gardener.

Really, it’s all one big virtuous circle; the better a business does because of One Magazine, the better we do as a business, and therefore the better our magazine is and the more our readers love it. That is one happy circle! Why not try print advertising and see what it can do for your business?

Have you found success advertising with the One Magazine? Let us know in the comments!

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