Super-Berry Protein Balls

Nov 29, 2022 | Dessert, Featured Articles, Recipes


• 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
• 3 tbsp xylitol or 1–2 tsp granulated stevia
• 220g nut butter (cashew, almond or peanut)
• 4 tbsp coconut flour
• 60g vegan vanilla or berry protein powder
• 1 tsp acai or goji berry powder (optional)
• 50g dried berries (cranberries, cherries etc.)
• Desiccated coconut, to coat

Preparation time: 10 minutes, plus chilling
Cooking time: 2 minutes
Makes 20 balls


Super-Berry Protein Balls

Nov 29, 2022 | Dessert, Featured Articles, Recipes

These tasty treats provide a great energising boost before or after a workout and are vegan friendly too.

Place the coconut oil and xylitol (or stevia) in a pan. Gently melt over a low heat, stirring to dissolve the sweetener. Allow to cool slightly, then tip into a food processor and add the nut butter. Process briefly until combined. 

Add the coconut flour, protein powder and acai or goji berry powder (if using), and blend again to form a stiff dough. If it seems too wet add a little more coconut flour or protein powder. The mixture should be firm but soft. Add the dried berries and pulse briefly, just to break them up slightly. 

Tip some desiccated coconut onto a plate. Take small spoonfuls of the mixture and shape into walnut-sized balls, then roll them in the coconut until coated on all sides. 

Chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up before eating. Transfer to an airtight container and store in the fridge for up to 4-5 days or freeze for up to 1 month. 

Nutrition per ball: 117kcal, fat 8g (of which saturates 2.8g), carbohydrates 7g (of which sugars 2.5g), protein 5.5g.

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