The Hickory Inn Smokehouse

Dec 22, 2022 | Featured Articles, Restaurant Features, Tiverton


93 High St, Halberton, Tiverton EX16 7AG

01884 798338

Open: Monday – Wednesday, 5pm – 11pm.
Thursday, 12pm – 11pm.
Friday & Saturday, 12pm – 12am.
Sunday, 12pm – 9pm.

Prices: Mains – £13.50 – £22.
Sides – £4 – £9.75. Desserts – £6.
Children’s mains – £6.50.

The Hickory Inn Smokehouse

Dec 22, 2022 | Featured Articles, Restaurant Features, Tiverton

The Hickory Inn is Mid Devon’s very own portal to the American deep South. Smoked meats, snug and cosy comforts, and a large dose of good ol’ southern hospitality.   

From the outside, that smoked aroma is about the only thing that gives the game away at this otherwise unassuming village pub entrance. The quiet exterior holds the secret on what’s to come, and even when you walk in through the front door you’d be forgiven for not expecting anything more. But follow the sign through to the restaurant area and let your southern experience dramatically begin. 

A whole new ambience hits in an instant, teleporting you straight to the southern states. 

Vinyl records, road signs and vehicle registration plates adorn the walls, and the twang of blues guitars beckons you to delve deeper. A stage decked with memorabilia adds to the authenticity, while state flags and Jack Daniels bottle light shades are just some of many little touches to give you plenty to take in while settling into your surroundings. 

The tall, vaulted ceiling with stripped back wooden beams creates a large but snug dining area, with wood flooring, wooden barrel reminiscent tables and plenty of deep, crimson-coloured accents on chairs, pillars and curtains to create a true backcountry smokehouse feel.

The inviting atmosphere is only improved upon further by the friendly waitress eager to make you feel at home and take your order. The immediate at-ease-openness will have you feeling relaxed and ready to lick those sticky BBQ fingers in no time.

As for the menu, the age-old concept is simple – celebrating and exploring the transformative process of smoking various meats for both tender texture and maximum flavour.

All meats are home-smoked in the Hickory Inn’s reverse flow smoker, using a blend of hickory, apple and oak on locally sourced meats. Expect slow and steady 12-hour brisket, beautifully tender belly pork and racks of ribs ready to rip.

The Pitmaster Plates are the star of the show, combining one or two meats of your choosing with beans, coleslaw, bread roll, honey and mustard salad, pickles and your choice of chips or the ultra-indulgent mac ‘n’ cheese.

Burgers and steaks add to the selection, as do a small range of seafood and plenty of additional sides too.

Portions are expectedly supersized too, so don’t expect to clear your plate. Asking for a box to takeaway those leftovers is all part of the experience. 

As we walked out with takeaway box in hand, one of the locals at the bar commented: “I’ve yet to see anyone walk out of here empty handed”. Are you up for the challenge?

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