Pack away your winter wardrobe, get your sunnies out, and focus on these head-to-toe tips for how to look hot this summer

At last, the sun is out. Here in Devon, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to how best to spend our time in the sun, with ample barbecue spots, stunning beaches and remarkable countryside. Here are some tips to enhance and protect your natural beauty now that we’re fully out of hibernation.

Skin and makeup
We all love getting a suntan, but it’s important that we look after our skin by using sunscreen. Not only does using sunscreen stop us burning, it also prevents early signs of ageing, as well as helping to reduce our risk of skin cancer. The best sunscreens will protect you from UVA and UVB rays as well as having an SPF of 30 or higher, so consider these when you’re choosing which lotion to go for next. On top of this, make sure you keep hydrated with plenty of water – your skin will thank you for it!

Summer’s the time for lighter makeup and warmer tones. Try peach or coral lipsticks with just blush and mascara for a simple holiday look. If you want to give your skin a break from heavier foundations, use BB-cream for something that works as an all-in-one facial cosmetic, acting as a moisturiser as well as providing coverage to even your skin tone. Many BB-creams also work as a low-level sunblock – a must-have for your summertime facial routine.

Summer style
The best thing about summer styling is how great an outfit can look with surprisingly minimal effort. Simple pieces can often be your best bet when choosing what to wear.

To offset glowing caramel skin, try white or pale-coloured clothing. A pastel dress paired with some sandals and gold accessories would look perfect for most summer occasions, whether you’re shopping in town with friends or out for a picnic! Floral prints never seem to go out of fashion when it comes to summertime. Try teaming ditsy print blouses with light trousers or jeans as an easy pretty pick.

No one likes being confined in a closed-toe shoe during the hottest days of summer. Sandals not only keep your feet cool, but there are so many different styles and heel heights to choose from for different occasions. Remember to moisturise your feet to keep your tootsies in tip-top shape, and try bright nail polish to get your sandals noticed!

For those with long-medium length hair, invest in a salt spray for beachy waves, even if you’re not at the seaside. Simply dampen your locks, comb through, and spritz the spray down the lengths of your hair. Once you’ve done this, twist and scrunch your hair and let it air dry to give you those fresh-off-the-beach waves.

Summer’s also a great excuse for low-maintenance hairdos. Bold, floral accessories look effortlessly chic with messy buns and shorter styles. They can also help to hide greasy roots – perfect for hotter days!

Summer scents
If you’re choosing your summer perfume, use citrus and coconut scents as your guide. Zesty fragrances are perfect for when you’re looking for something lighter and more playful, while coconut is a must-have for that quintessential summer-feel.

Buying perfume doesn’t have to be expensive. Many high street stores stock their own-brand scents, and these can often be a great alternative to the top-end perfumes at a friendlier price. Spray the perfume into your hair for a long-lasting aroma.

Words: Annabelle Carvell

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