Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

Jan 26, 2024 | Featured Articles, Home & Garden



Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

Jan 26, 2024 | Featured Articles, Home & Garden

The perfect bathroom – whether it’s a shared family affair or an en suite shower and WC – is a great blend of comfort, good looks and functional efficiency, all achievable even in a small space. 

Choose Subtle Colours
A pale, neutral colour palette opens up a small bathroom, giving it a clean, sophisticated, contemporary feel. If you want colour, watery blues and greens help the room feel light and airy. To avoid a clinical feel, add texture – think timber shelving, wicker baskets, waffle towels and linen blinds, for example. 

Fit Excellent Storage
Reduce clutter by minimising what you keep in your bathroom and then find clever spaces to store it. Slimline cupboards are ideal for cleaning products and toiletries and take less floor space. False walls conceal pipework and can have inset cupboards or niches; otherwise, look for anywhere that storage could be added, from above the door to below the basin, even behind the bath panel or a rack inside the shower. 

Utilise Natural Light
Enhance the space by getting the most light possible through the windows – keep sills clear and don’t cover any of the glass with window treatments. Bounce light around the room using mirrors and glossy tiles.

Select Fittings Wisely
Bathroom fittings designed for small bathrooms don’t compromise on looks or function, including short-projection WCs, shower-baths, thin-but-tall towel rails and ultra-slim basins. For awkward spaces, consider corner showers, basins and WCs. Wall or mixer taps create room on a small basin, and if space is tight add a wall-mounted soap dispenser. 

Raise It Off the Floor
A bathroom can appear more spacious by the installation of wall-mounted pieces. With a modern and sophisticated look, they also show off the floor space beneath, making the room appear bigger. 

Lighting is Vital
Your lighting scheme should meet all requirements, from putting on make-up to reading in the bath. Choose recessed spotlights, or neat directional lights mounted on a slender track. Fit LED strips beneath wall units as a hidden light source, with a baffle board in front to avoid glare, and include an illuminated mirror.

Two-in-One is Best
Multifunction is the solution. Choose towel radiators, storage seats, mirrored cabinets and basins with cupboards beneath, for example. 

Consider Underfloor Heating
Underfloor heating is relatively easy and inexpensive, and saves the floor space taken up by a radiator.

Employ Visual Tricks
Large-format tiles (wall or floor) can work better in compact bathrooms than smaller tiles, and with fewer grout lines, large tiles look sleek and are easier to maintain.

Assess Your Window Options
Curtains in a bathroom contrast the hard surfaces elsewhere, but avoid anything too flouncy. Floaty sheers in simple gathers work well, or alternatively, try a neat Roman or roller blind, waterproof louvre shutters or simple frosted glass. 

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