Healthy Happy Holidays

Jul 18, 2023 | Featured Articles, Health & Nutrition



Healthy Happy Holidays

Jul 18, 2023 | Featured Articles, Health & Nutrition

It’s normal to let your hair – and your guard – down while you’re on holiday. Eating and drinking more, trying new activities, encountering different cultures and travelling long distances are all what makes holidays so enjoyable, but these experiences can also make us vulnerable. Falling ill or suffering from an injury is the last thing anyone wants on their vacation.

From packing the essentials to creating a portable medical history, here are a handful of tips to help you enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.

Travel Insurance
We all hope our trips abroad go smoothly, but that isn’t always the case. Although not a legal requirement, travel insurance could save you from forking out for sky-high medical bills, flight cancellations, lost luggage, stolen possessions and more. With treatment for a broken leg in Spain costing around £15,000, it’s a no-brainer for medical precautions alone.

Portable Medical History
If something happened that left you unconscious in a crisis, having your medical history to hand could be a lifesaver. Even if you’re travelling with a friend or family member, communication can be difficult – especially when you factor in stress and a potential language barrier. A self-created printed form is key to getting the best care without guesswork, and should include details of any recent surgeries, vaccinations, medications and allergies.

Bring Important Documents
A copy of your passport, driver’s licence or another form of identification could save you from scrambling to find proper documentation if you lose your passport and need to get home. It’s also a good idea to bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). These cards will allow you to get state healthcare across Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free.

Share Your Travel Itinerary
Sharing your travel itinerary with a close friend or family member will give you peace of mind that your whereabouts will be recorded. This is especially important if you’re travelling alone, but could also be useful if you’re planning on exploring more remote areas or engaging in any potentially risky activities.

Do Your Research
Take some time to get to know your destination in depth before you arrive. Every area has its rougher parts, so it’s a good idea to read traveller reviews to find the safest neighbourhoods. Check for the latest foreign travel updates and advice and, in case of an emergency, write down the contact information for the nearest embassy, police station and local emergency departments.

Bring the Basics
When it comes to travelling, comfort is key. While you can’t pack for every potential eventuality, you can come prepared with the essentials. Bring blister plasters, a small first-aid kit and painkillers, and wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely.


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