One Magazine’s Jake Tucker meets military wife and mum of two Jo Lomax, founder of Huggable Heroes, to learn more about how these personalised children’s cushions can help ease the separation of being away from loved-ones

Q: Can you please explain the concept of Huggable Heroes?
Huggable Heroes aim is to help to reduce separation anxiety in children and reinforce bonds between a child and a loved one who is away due to work, separation, illness or death.

Q: The idea is brilliant! How did it all come about?
Thank you! Huggable Heroes began in April 2014 during a conversation with a friend whose husband was about to deploy to Afghanistan. Her daughter Katie was then four and really struggling with the thought of not seeing Daddy and so asked me to make a ‘cuddly daddy’ for her to cuddle. After two very long evenings the first Huggable Hero was made! I then made both of my children (then aged 2 and 6 months) a Huggable Hero each of their Daddy who worked away Monday to Friday. The difference the Heroes made was incredible and Daddy became a big part of our daily lives again. Rather than being just a ‘weekend daddy’ he would be taken along to swimming, gymnastics, pre-school, as well as family days out and cuddle time at home. Huggable Heroes have made a huge difference to the ‘reunite’ time when daddy returns home too. In the past the children would cling to me, not wanting to go near Daddy, which was heartbreaking to watch. Within the first week of having the Huggable Heroes, my daughter walked up to daddy, with her Hero to show him and gave him the biggest cuddle. It was truly amazing.

Q: It must be a huge help to both parents and children. What has the feedback been like?
The feedback has been amazing! We have received 100% positive feedback that Huggable Heroes do help to reduce separation anxiety. Once the Huggable Heroes have been received, parents instantly post photos of their children onto our social media. The huge smiles melt my heart daily.

Q: What is the process of creating your very own huggable hero?
We use a personal photo of the Hero, which is e-mailed to us. My graphics lady, Debbie, edits each photo ready for me to print into fabric. Once printed the Hero is cut out, sewn, stuffed and posted by my lovely Mum Julia, Nan Sylvia, and Aunt Sue. Each Huggable Hero is washable with no risk of the photo disappearing, holds the CE toy safety mark and are suitable from birth.

Q: Your work benefits forces charities too. Could you tell me a little bit more about how this works?
Huggable Heroes supports a number of charities. We donate Huggable Heroes to them for specific children or for them to raffle to make extra money. It’s wonderful how many backgrounds we’re able to help and it’s great to know I can give a little back. I hope this is something we can do more of in the future.

Q: You’ve come a long way in such a short space of time! What has been your proudest moment so far since founding Huggable Heroes?
Oh my goodness it has been a truly inspirational year! I launched Huggable Heroes out to the public in January 2015 and since then we have helped over 500 children. I have so many proud moments, the most recent happening in January 2016. I was invited to The Sun Military Awards (The Millies) as a finalist nominee for The Support to the Armed Forces Category. Mum and I were made to feel so special with a reception at Downing Street and a celebrity filled awards ceremony at The Guildhall, London. It’s an especially proud accomplishment due to the amount of wonderful customers who nominated me for the difference Huggable Heroes are making to their children.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
I have big dreams for Huggable Heroes. I hope to work closely with children’s hospitals, children with autism, adoption agencies and dementia patients. Huggable Heroes could help so many people with different backgrounds and my hope is that we can reach as many families as possible who need us.

Q: How much can our readers get their very own huggable hero made for, and how can they get in touch with you?
Huggable Heroes are priced at £25+p&p and we offer a free payment plan to help spread the cost of buying multiple Heroes for siblings. If there are any questions please do get in touch!

Find out more about Huggable Heroes online at:
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