15 Minutes With… Devonstream

Feb 27, 2023 | Featured Articles, Interviews



15 Minutes With… Devonstream

Feb 27, 2023 | Featured Articles, Interviews

Have you heard the beautiful and heartwarming poems of Amanda Jones, the acoustic sounds of Izzie Auty-Dawe or Aluna’s haunting ambient songs?

Possibly not but thanks to a project that came to fruition during lockdown, now you can on Devonstream – Devon’s brand new streaming radio station showcasing the best of local talent.  

The idea grew out of various audio projects and collaborations among Devon musicians, writers and poets during lockdown, all of whom were trying to find ways to keep going, and to keep connecting to audiences.  

“We’re truly rooted in Devon,” says one of Devonstream’s founders, John Wigzell, “and that’s our criteria for anything we play. Devonstream exists to provide opportunities to those with a substantial connection to the county: born, living or working here, or creating work about this place.”

For that reason you might not hear tunes from Coldplay (who as a band are 25% Devonian) but you might hear some of Chris Martin’s solo work.

You will hear well-known acts from the county including Muse, or electropop band Metronomy on the constantly changing line-up, and interspersed you might hear poetry from the In the Company of Insects collaboration, or a local history production from the Sidmouth Coastal Community Hub.

John continues: “by bringing together the well-known and the undiscovered in this way, we hope all boats will rise.”

It’s great to see such an outlet for creativity, information, ideas and conversations, and to see a new platform for a diverse range of new and established voices.

“As a disabled author Devonstream is an accessible way to both inspire and be inspired,” says Amanda Jones who has three poems currently shared on the station. “I enjoy writing to encourage others through life’s challenges.”

Izzie Auty-Dawe says the station is providing her with amazing local exposure and opportunities for her music to be discovered and Sarah Campbell, associate director from University of Exeter Arts & Culture is equally enthusiastic. 

“Devonstream is a fantastic resource for building new audiences. It benefits both us and the artists we work with to share our stories as far as possible,” she says.

The streaming station is a not-for-profit project made possible by support from Devon County Council, the DWP’s Kickstart scheme, and the Generator Hub co-working space.

You can listen to Devonstream directly through its website on devon.stream or via numerous online directories and apps including Radio Garden, myTuner, radio.net and others. You can also ask Alexa to “open Devonstream”. 

Tune in today to help our artists and writers – it’s that easy!


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