10 Ways to Create a Spa Shower

Oct 2, 2023 | Featured Articles, Home & Garden



10 Ways to Create a Spa Shower

Oct 2, 2023 | Featured Articles, Home & Garden

Our bathrooms are much more than a practical space in which to get ready for the day ahead or prepare for bed. These days we want them to be an escape from the everyday, a luxurious haven where we can relax, recharge and rejuvenate. But when time is not on your side, or you don’t have room for a bath, creating a spa with just your shower is the perfect solution. And you don’t have to renovate the room entirely – a few quick and easy fixes will make an enormous difference. 

Clear away your clutter Add a wall-mounted cupboard, some small storage boxes, a shelf, rail or a row of hooks. A hanging rack in the shower also makes a difference.

Swap your shower head Shower heads can be rainwater-style, have adjustable sprays, change colour with LED lighting or include a battery-powered speaker. It should be straightforward to replace your shower head, or a local plumber should be relatively inexpensive.

Create the right light Maximise natural light by ensuring windows are clean and unobscured. If upgrading light fittings, remember that bathroom lights have to satisfy safety requirements. Install a dimmer switch, swap bulbs for warmer-light versions or use smart bulbs that change from cool to warm light via an app. 

Choose soft colours Choose pale, fresh colours for a calming and cleansing feel. It doesn’t have to be brilliant white – muted off-whites are ideal, or any colour palette that includes earthy tones or pale pastels.

Introduce textures Add interesting textures from wicker baskets to fluffy bath mats, a carved-wood mirror surround to a plant in a macramé hanger. 

Fit a smart mirror – Smart mirrors light up, with options for colour-changing, and can include a demister and a shaver socket, while hi-tech versions can show you the time, the weather, your calendar and traffic, plus play music and more. 

Bring in a speaker If you don’t have a speaker in your shower head or mirror, hang a portable waterproof one in your shower so you can listen to music or a podcast. 

Bomb your shower Place a shower bomb (aka shower steamer or shower melt) on the corner of your tray and allow its essential oils to escape and envelope you in steamy luxury.

Pop in some plants – For positive psychological benefits, put pot plants on windowsills and shelves, or hang them from the ceiling. Recommended plants include spider plants, maidenhair ferns, heart-leaf philodendron, Swiss cheese plants and weeping figs. 

Accessorise – Coordinating storage items will add texture, colour and interest. Decant lotions into matching pump bottles, buy colourful towels, add artwork, and display attractive hand soaps.

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