Win a pair of tickets to the Zombie Trail!

Rumours have been circulating of a zombie outbreak in the county for a few months; initially we dismissed them as just local scaremongering, but on further investigation we were surprised to find out that recent reports and sightings have been verified as true. Cullompton is said to be at the epicentre of the infection when the undead take over The Bear Trail on 28th October, turning the site into The Zombie Trail. Why The Bear Trail? Although we can’t be entirely sure, it’s a well known fact that Zombies love hiding in the mud, lurking in ditches and jumping out from concealed places, making The Bear Trail the prefect breeding ground for these evil undead.

We need your help! You, the readers, can help us save The Bear Trail from being overrun by the walking dead by joining the fight. We are urging as many zombie slayers and undead defeaters as possible to come to The Bear Trail on 28th October.

We are recruiting two pairs of One Mag readers to join the battle for free! It’s a dangerous mission, but we think you’ve got what it takes. Only the bravest should enter. To show their appreciation, The Bear Trail will be providing pizzas as part of the recruitment too – it’s hungry work! Fill in your details below to sign up.

Entrants must be residents of Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon, or South Devon. All other entries will be disqualified.

Terms & conditions: Competitions close 20/10/18. Entrants must be aged 18 or older. Prize is non-transferrable. Full terms and conditions can be found online.

Author: Jake

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