Apply to be a Distributor

Would you like to earn some extra money every month? Do you need to do some exercise? Then join our large team of distributors now. Distributing the magazine is an easy task. It simply involves delivering the magazine and sometimes includes a leaflet or two for you to insert inside the magazines to all the properties on your allocated map.

You will be provided with a copy of your route, which specifies the number of properties per street and a map. The magazines will be delivered to you near the end of the month (dates will be given to you in advance), ready to be delivered in the first week of the following month.

ALL deliveries need to be completed by the very latest on the 7th of the month. When you have completed your route, you just need to confirm this by phone or email or with our online form.

The routes are priced individually depending on the amount of properties on the map. If you have leaflets to insert, you will be paid extra for delivering them.

At times we may ask if you wish to cover an extra map to allow for holidays or sickness of other distributors. There is however, no obligation to do so.

If at the time of applying there are no routes available, you will be automatically placed on our waiting list. Priority is given to those living in the delivery area.

As a legal requirement you must be over 13 years of age to be a distributor.

For more information on Child Employment click here

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Elsa

Telephone: 01395 233247