Get fit this January with Jillian Michaels.

The end of the year all too often signals an expansion of our waistbands. A weakness for mulled wine and mince pies combined with those dark, chilly winter nights means that our earnest fitness plans can fall by the wayside. We’ve enlisted TV fitness guru Jillian Michaels for some advice on how to get back in shape this January.

Jillian Michaels has been a fitness expert and wellness coach for over twenty years and she’s the person responsible for helping The Biggest Loser contestants shed the pounds. Now she’s launched Maximise Your Life, which is, in her own words, “a comprehensive plan to build a better life overall, not just a better body.” With a shelfful of work out DVDs already under her belt, she’s got the experience to know.
As we welcome in the New Year, one thing we can all build – aside from killer abs – is self-confidence. Michaels should know; she has struggled with her own weight issues in the past, at one point weighing 12.5 stone despite her 5”2 frame. Since discovering both martial arts and fitness training and subsequently turning her own life around, Jillian has inspired thousands to join her fitness mission.

“The overall Maximise Your Life plan works by helping people connect with and cultivate their passions. To discover and subsequently uproot the origins of negative and sabotaging attitudes, action, and behaviours. It’s all about redefining one’s self image and dramatically enhancing self-worth and self-esteem.”
By taking negative attitudes and turning them on their head, Jillian aims to, “empower people with the tools to take on informed actions that yield powerful and positive results.” Granted, working out in winter conditions can be a drag, and Jillian recognises that, “the lack of sunshine can get people down, depress them, and sap their energy. So when you’re faced with dank weather, the best plan of action is to work out with others.”
“Make appointments with buddies to work out so you are held accountable,” she suggests. “Taking a fun class you enjoy that’s social can help boost your mood.” Even if you can’t leave the house, fitness DVDs mean that, “you can still get your sweat on.”
Jillian recommends: “A minimum of four and a half hours exercise a week, maximum of six hours a week. One strength exercise alone will not burn off that Christmas belly fat – or any fat for that matter. Consistent exercise is key, as well as being mindful of the quantity and quality of our food. If I had to pick my favourite exercise, it would be the plank.” While all of this might sound intense, don’t fear – days off are allowed, as Michaels advocates a health-focused “way of life,” rather than a hard-to-manage fitness regime.

A little motivation might be in order to kickstart your new routine. “Find your ‘why’,” says Michaels. “Identify your passion and cultivate it. If you have a “why” to live for, you can tolerate anything.” And if you’re worried you’ll break your fitness resolutions, don’t forget to embrace your vulnerabilities.
“Failure is not a validation of one’s incompetence, but rather an entry point for learning and opportunity to approach the goal more intelligently the next time,” she says.
Jillian Michaels is all about the marathon, rather than the sprint, approach to our New Year fitness plans. We’ve invested in a new pair of trainers – and hope the next twelve months will prove her right!

By Camilla Davies

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